Ditch the plastic water bottle

Swap out the plastic water bottle with a reusable one! You can buy a new one from a variety of places but you don’t have to. You can use an old one, find one at a thrift store, use a jar with a lid, use an old kombucha bottle, or ask around if any of your friends have one they’re not using anymore.


Say no to the to-go coffee cup

Take your coffee “for here” — if you need to hit the road, you can bring your own coffee mug for hot coffee, bring a tumbler of some kind, or bring any reusable cup from your house for an iced coffee beverage. You don’t have to buy a cool-looking tumbler, you can use any old one you have around or find one at a thrift store.


decline to-go utensils & straws

It’s easy to say no to to-go utensils and straws! You don’t have to buy a cool bamboo set. You can just bring a knife/fork/spoon from your house with you. You can bring them with you in a bag/purse. Most of us don’t need straws, so we can go without. If you enjoy using a straw, you can buy a reusable one.


refuse to-go containers

Bring your own to-go containers or eat your food “for here" when you’re out. You don’t need to buy stainless steel containers, or pyrex. Any container works! We typically end up with a bunch of plastic tupperware, use that up until it can’t be used anymore before you replace! You can also totally use old jars with lids, etc.


embrace a razor that works

Say good bye to the days of plastic razors and crappy shaves. Embrace a reusable razor! This stainless steel one from Albatross is my favorite but find what works for you!


Swap your soaps

You can pretty much swap out all your old soap from their plastic containers with soap bars. From dish soap bars like Savon De Marseille, to shampoo/conditioner bars, to body soap bars, and face soap bars. Soap bars are your new best friend! Not only can you find these at a variety of prices (often cheaper than their packaged competitors) but you can even learn to make your own!